As a result of this further development of the Skilled Immigration Act, the group of foreign skilled workers from third countries  will also  be considerably expanded (opportunity card). Also, skilled workers who first enter the country to look for a job are immediately allowed to work 20 hours per week (previously only 10 hours) and work up to 2 weeks on a trial basis. This gives you as an employer the opportunity to get to know a potential applicant and to check his or her practical professional skills in your company.


For skilled workers from third countries, the new Skilled Immigration Act (FEG) also eliminates the priority check by the Federal Employment Agency, provided that an employment contract exists in Germany.


The new “recognition partnership” also replaces the “accelerated skilled worker procedure”, which was still described as very time-consuming and cumbersome by foreign skilled workers and future employers.


Capable IT specialists without a university degree, but with 3 years of relevant professional experience and special knowledge, will be able to work in Germany in the future. Knowledge of German is not a prerequisite here.


Professional recognition can be initiated locally after entry into Germany. The foreign skilled worker can also be employed immediately.