Recognition Procedure

In this procedure, the so-called competent authority in Germany checks whether your foreign professional qualification is comparable to a German one and whether there are any differences. This procedure is also called equivalence testing . The competent authority will usually check your documents within 3-4 months as soon as they have been submitted in full. Your foreign professional qualification will be recognized if it is equivalent to the German one. Under certain conditions, a 3-year apprenticeship can also be equivalent to a university degree.


In the case of non-regulated professions , the professional qualification is partially recognized if parts of the training are equivalent and others are not. The main differences to the German reference profession will be communicated to you in a notification. As a rule, you can compensate for significant differences with a compensatory qualification . After that, you can submit a follow-up application to receive full recognition. In general, however, if your profession is not regulated, you do not have to have it recognized.


In Germany, there are also so-called regulated professions. Taking up and pursuit of these regulated professions is subject to certain professional qualifications acquired by law, regulation or administrative provision. (doctors, psychotherapists, nurses, lawyers, teachers or engineers). The permanent body establishes a compensatory measure with which you can compensate for the essential differences. If you have successfully completed the compensatory measure, equivalence will be determined. Subsequently, further criteria are examined. The result of the recognition procedure will be communicated to you in an official notification – recognition notice. The recognition of the qualification is a must in order to be able to work in these professions in Germany.