We are an innovative service company under German management that specialises in providing a platform for highly qualified academics as well as professionals with vocational training and professional experience from third countries to bring them together with companies in Germany.

The high shortage of skilled workers in Germany in particular shows the possibilities and opportunities that are available to you to build your professional future in this country in the long term.

This is where we come in, as we have made it our mission and goal to guide and support you in this endeavor.  Please read all our topics on “Information for Job Seekers”. Here you will find a lot of useful links, which we have summarized thematically. Where possible, we have included the link in your native language. This way you can quickly get the information you need and save yourself a lot of time with internet research.

Since March 1, 2020, the new Skilled Immigration Act has  come into force. As a result, some hurdles have been removed for you as an applicant from a third country. In addition,  another big step in the right direction has been taken with the introduction of the Accelerated Skilled Worker Procedure in March 2023. This procedure significantly reduces the duration of the administrative procedure until the visa is issued.

On 18 August  2023, the Extended Skilled Workers Act was also published, which will gradually come into force from November 2023. This new law will continue and in some cases expand existing regulations for skilled workers with university degrees, such as the EU Blue Card (from 18 November 2023).  In addition, it will be possible  to search for a job in Germany with a new opportunity card (from 1 June 2024).

With all these legal relaxations on the one hand and your qualifications for the German job market on the other, it is essential to  start learning the German language at the same time in order to increase your chances of getting a job offer.

Inquire at the local Goethe Institutes in your home country about courses and exam dates for obtaining the language certificates. Only language certificates that are based on a certified, standardised language examination, e.g. from the Goethe Institutes, are recognised. Certificates from local language schools are not accepted.