German Language Skills

General information about German language skills

In order to be able to work successfully in Germany, you should have sufficient German language skills, regardless of your qualifications. This will always make your entry into professional life and your integration into German society much easier.  Of course, it also depends on the companies which language skills you need to have as a suitable applicant in order to be able to carry out the work that belongs to the respective job profile.


In addition to the requirements that employers themselves place on language skills, there are also some legal requirements that must be observed. The following applies to persons from third countries:


      • As a rule, no language skills need to be proven for the professional recognition procedure or entry with full equivalence.


      • German language skills are required for the issuance of an entry visa for qualification measures (adaptation qualification), training or to look for a job, although the level may differ depending on the purpose of stay. (i. d. Rule A2 or B1).


      • For example, the German language is legally required, e.g. for doctors. Without knowledge of German, you will not receive a license to practice medicine in Germany. Nurses must also prove their knowledge of German.


      • In many other professions, it is up to the employer to decide what level of German language skills he requires.