Certificate Evaluation


The evaluation of certificates is a procedure for the evaluation of foreign university degrees, which is carried out by the Central Office for Foreign Education – ZAB. It will be checked whether your foreign university degree is comparable to a German one. The result will be communicated to you in an official certificate from the ZAB. This certificate describes the type and duration of your university education and indicates the equivalent in the German education system, such as Bachelor’s or Master’s. This will allow your future employer to better classify the university degree.

Where do I apply for the certificate evaluation: At the Centre for Foreign Education – ZAB. The procedure is particularly suitable for professionals with a university degree in non-regulated professions. This certificate evaluation does not replace the recognition procedure required for regulated professions.

The evaluation of the certificate is not necessary in the case of a non-regulated profession if the foreign university and the degree are listed in the www.anabin.de database and  evaluated accordingly. If you want to check whether your university degree is recognized in Germany, go to the following link: www.anabin.de. When you are on the anabin website, click on “University degree” in the left column. Once you have opened it, click on “Search for degrees”. Open “Country Selection”, “All Degree Types” and “Field of Study Selection Types”. The results will then be shown to you below. If you want to know if your university/institution is recognized in Germany, go to www.anabin.de as well. If you’re on anabin’s site, go to “Institutions.” Once you’ve opened it, click on “Search” and then click on “Make a country selection”. The universities for your home country will be displayed. It will be shown whether they are fully recognized or only partially recognized.

The evaluation of the certificate takes a maximum of 3 months and costs 200 euros. Each additional certificate evaluation costs 100 euros. The application form and further information are available on the ZAB website. Certification is not necessary. You will need to submit most documents as a simple copy. Please do not send original documents with your application to the ZAB.

What happens after the application for certificate evaluation: After the application for certificate evaluation has been received by post at the ZAB, you will receive a fee notice by email. Once the fee for the certificate evaluation has been credited to the ZAB account, you will receive a confirmation of payment. Only then does the examination of your certificate begin. If documents for your application are not complete, you will be contacted by email. www.kmk.org  


Important links for applying for the certificate evaluation – the following links are only available in German and English. We have linked the  English version  for you.

Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications (kmk.org)

Application for a Statement of Comparability (kmk.org)

Documents for the application (kmk.org)


Tunisia Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Morocco Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Egypt Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

 Brazil Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Mexico Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Ecuador Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Colombia Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Jordan Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

India Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Indonesia Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Viet Nam Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

Philippines Statement of Comparability Documents (kmk.org)

With the help of these links, you can find out how to proceed step by step when applying for the certificate evaluation.