Accelerated Procedure for Skilled Workers

Since March 2023, the new Accelerated Skilled Worker Procedure has been in force. It can be initiated by the future employer with a power of attorney from the specialist at the competent immigration authority in Germany. This significantly shortens the duration of the administrative procedure until the visa is issued.



      • Power of attorney on the part of the specialist to the future employer


      • An agreement must be made between the company and the Foreigners’ Registration Office, which includes, among other things, authorizations and obligations of the employer, the skilled worker and the authorities involved (Foreigners’ Registration Office, Federal Employment Agency, recognition offices, foreign representation)  as well as a description of the processes including the parties involved and the deadlines.


      • The Foreigners’ Registration Office advises the employer and supports him in carrying out the procedure for the recognition of the foreign qualification of the skilled worker. The Foreigners’ Registration Office also obtains the approval of the Federal Employment Agency and examines the requirements for granting the permit under immigration law. The recognition bodies and the Federal Employment Agency must decide within certain deadlines.


      • If all requirements are met, the Foreigners’ Registration Office issues a so-called preliminary approval, which it sends to the employer for forwarding to the specialist.


      • The foreign skilled worker then books an appointment at the German diplomatic mission to apply for the visa, which takes place within 3 weeks. At this appointment, the original of the preliminary approval must be submitted with other documents required for the visa application.


      • After the complete visa application has been submitted by the professional, a decision is usually made within another 3 weeks.


The fee for the accelerated skilled worker procedure is charged when the agreement is concluded with the Foreigners’ Registration Office and amounts to 411 euros.  (paid by the future employer).


You have to pay the visa fees of 75 euros as well as the fees for the recognition of your qualifications – which vary depending on the effort.