What are the options for obtaining a residence permit for employment?

Work VISA– You already have a job offer from Germany

If you already have an employment contract or a binding job offer from Germany, then apply for a work visa for Germany at the German diplomatic mission abroad – consulate or embassy in your home country.

To apply for your work visa, you will need the following documents:

      • completed and signed application forms;
      • 2 passport-sized photographs
      • valid national passport
      • Proof of residence
      • Health insurance – valid from the day of entry into Germany
      • Travel health insurance – from arrival in Germany to the start of work, unless it is included in the health insurance already applied for
      • Employment contract or a binding job offer stating the gross annual salary and a detailed description of the employment you will be doing in Germany
      • Approval by the Federal Employment Agency – if applicable
      • Curriculum vitae
      • Evidence of qualifications – diplomas, certificates, etc.
      • Personal cover letter detailing the purpose and duration of the stay
      • Proof of a clean criminal record
      • Proof of visa fee paid
      • declaration of accuracy of the information


Make an appointment at the German diplomatic mission in your home country so that you can submit the completed and signed visa application and all required documents. Only if you have applied for a visa to work in Germany, it is possible to issue a residence permit at a laterdate after your visa.

VISA to look for a job – you are only looking for  a job after your entry into Germany

With this visa, you can enter Germany for a period of 6 months to look for a job. During this time, you will improve your opportunities to establish contacts with German employers and find a job in Germany that matches your qualifications.  The prerequisite for this is that your qualification is recognized in Germany.

You must also prove that your livelihood is secured for the entire duration of your stay, as you are not allowed to pursue paid employment during this period. As proof of secure livelihood, you can, for example, present a spear account or a declaration of commitment.

However, you are allowed to work up to ten hours per week during your stay in Germany as part of the application process.

After the 6 months, your visa cannot be extended. You have to leave the country  after the visa  expires if you have not found a job  and can only  apply for a visa again after a period of one year.

After your arrival and taking up a job – whether with a work visa or a visa to look for a job – you should contact the Foreigners’ Office / Foreigners’ Registration Office, which is located near your place of residence. You may need to make an appointment in advance. You will need to attend an interview, where you will also submit the required documents for a residence permit. It is important that you always submit the application for a residence permit in good time before your visa expires!

You will need the following documents to apply for a residence permit:

      • Application for a residence permit
      • Valid national passport
      • 2 Photos
      • Reporting a clean criminal record
      • Health insurance certificate

The period of your stay is determined by your employment contract. If it is issued for 2 years, your permit will only be valid for 2 years. You can renew the residence permit as many times as you want, as long as you maintain your employment status. ( Source: )