Our Advises

If you have decided to build your professional future and your life in Germany, now is the right time tostart learning the German language. You will increase your chances of finding a job in Germany if you already have sufficient language skills. The only exception is for IT specialists– if you are one, you can look for a job in Germany without any knowledge of German. In this case, however, knowledge of English is a prerequisite.

Also, start compiling your papers/documents that you need to apply for your visa at the same time. Check the validity of your passport in advance.

Get quotes for health insurance, which you will need for the duration of your stay in Germany to look for a job. Proof of this must be attached when applying for your visa.

Don’t forget to apply for a clean criminal record in good time. The proof mustalso be attached to the visa application.

Once you have downloaded our APP Eurojobs PRO and registered, you can enter your CV from your dashboard. You can download it in PDFformat, print it out and also enclose it with your visa application.

Below is a compilation of the documents you will need to apply for your visa. You will need these papers and documents, whether you are applying for a “Visa to Work” or a “Job Search Visa” :

To apply for your visa, you will need the following documents:

      • completed and signed application forms;
      • 2 passport photos;
      • valid national passport;
      • Proof of residence;
      • Health insurance – valid from the day of entry into Germany;
      • Travel health insurance – from arrival in Germany to the start of work, provided that this is not included in the health insurance already applied for;
      • Employment contract or a binding job offer stating the gross annual salary and a detailed description of the employment you will be doing in Germany; (not required for a “job-seeker visa”);
      • Approval by the Federal Employment Agency – if applicable;
      • Curriculum vitae;
      • Proof of qualifications – diplomas, certificates, etc.;
      • Personal letter detailing the purpose and duration of the stay;
      • Proof of a clean criminal record;
      • Proof of paid visa fee;
      • Statement of accuracy of the information;


Make an appointment at the German diplomatic mission in your home country so that you can submit the completed and signed visa application and all required documents. Only if you have applied for a “work visa” or a ” job search visa” in Germany, it is possible to issue a residence permit later after your visa.

Also, make sure that you have sufficient funds for the duration of your stay with a “job seeker visa”. There is nosupport from the German state.

Check with friends or family members of yours in Germany to see if they can offer you a place to sleep at home or elsewhere.

As the Eurojobs PRO team, we are happy to have helped you in advance with our hints and answered some questions. Don’t be discouraged, with a lot of motivation and commitment you will surely reach your goal. Germany is looking forward to welcoming you as a future professional.



Your Eurojobs Team