Needed Professions

Occupations with a high shortage of skilled workers

IT jobs with or without a degree

      • Application
      • System administrator
      • Network administrator
      • Software developer
      • Programmer
      • Big Data Expert
      • IT Security Expert


Engineers / Regulated

      • Mechanical engineering
      • Vehicle construction
      • Electrical engineer
      • Engineers – Renewable Energy
      • Engineers – Robotics, Autonomous Systems


Medical Professionals / Regulated

      • Human medicine
      • Dentistry



      • Mathematician
      • Physicist
      • Chemist



      • Business economics


 Teachers / Regulated for State Schools

      • Mathematics / High School
      • Physics / Gymnasium
      • Chemistry / High School
      • Primary School Teacher


High demand for skilled workers with an apprenticeship occupation in the following occupations

      • Electrical installation and assembly
      • Plastics
      • Pipeline construction
      • Welding technology
      • Plant mechanic for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology
      • Mechatronics Engineer
      • Plumber
      • Baker – Confectioner
      • Tiler


Note: Of course, there are also vacancies for other professions in which there is not such a high shortage of skilled workers. Job seekers are also welcome at eurojobs for these job offers.


What is a regulated profession?

The practice of a profession in certain professions in Germany is subject to recognition of professional qualifications.

A profession is regulated if access to and exercise of the profession is linked by laws, regulations and administrative provisions to proof of a specific qualification or if the professional title is protected by law.