About us

Welcome to Eurojobs

We are an innovative service company under German management, which specialises in offering a unique technological platform, based on Android & iOS, named EUROJOBS, to bring third countries’ highly qualified professionals as well as specialists with apprenticeship and professional experience, together with German recruiters.


Our platform consists of three (3) Apps:
(1) EUROJOBS PRO: For qualified professionals / Job Seekers of third countries (Launching Date: Beginning of November 2023)

(2) EUROJOBS SEARCH: For German Employers to access the platform and perform their search (Launching Date: Beginning of November 2023)


(3) EUROJOBS BÖRSE: The International Jobs Fair / Exhibition (Launching Date: Beginning of January 2024)

The EUROJOBS BÖRSE is also organising Jobs Fairs to be held in May 2024 in Casablanca / Morocco and in September 2024 in Tunis / Tunisia.